Ozone Control
Controlling potential VOC emissions from solvents according to photochemical reactivity is the most scientifically-sound and effective means of addressing tropospheric ozone formation.

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Solvents in Pharmaceutical
Solvents are used in hundreds of pharmaceutical products, many of which are found in our homes. In fact, some products found in our medicine cabinets are solvents.

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Ink Solvents
Many printing inks, used to print everything from magazines to food packaging and labels, rely on solvents to be applied properly, stay in place, and achieve their vivid colors.

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Solvents Used in Paints and Coatings
In paints, solvents dissolve or disperse different components used in the paint formulation, making paint the desired consistency for application.

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Solvents are chemicals that have dramatically enhanced modern day living in the United States and around the world. Solvents are used in a diversity of applications including paints and coatings, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, household and industrial cleaners, and inks. Solvents provide solutions for many challenges of modern business and home life.

The Solvents Industry Group (SIG) of the American Chemistry Council supports scientific research, participates in regulatory activities pertaining to solvents, and works to ensure that solvents continue to be recognized as important components of a wide range of products that help make our lives safer and healthier, while meeting the needs of today’s environmentally conscious world.  


  • See the Solvents Industry Group’s comments on the California Air Resources Board’s Proposed Amendments to the Regulation for Reducing Emissions from Consumer Products and Revisions to Test Method 310

  • Reactivity WHITE PAPER on the role of reactivity as part of effective ozone control strategies

  • European Solvents Industry Group


Solvents help boost the cleaning power of laundry detergents. They attack grease, which helps keep our clothing looking good even after a spill.


Panel: Steve Risotto
Media: Bryan Goodman